Web 2.0 Application Development Using Ajax and Ruby on Rails

Objective : The Program prepares the participants for a job in a large Indian Company or in a MNC. The program is centered around Ajax and Ruby on Rails Technology which is in high demand due to the surge in e-biz developments taking place in the US and other advanced countries.

Overview : User generated web or marketing messages created by consumers characterize the new wave of Web 2.0 products and services. Examples of these are eBay, del.icio.us , You Tube, Flikr and iTunes. Blogs, podcasting , wiki are some of the ways consumers spread the good and the bad word about products and services they use. User experience is all important in the applications where users not only use or consume but they review, evaluate and provide on line feedback to other potential users. Quick response to user feedback draws more users to these frequently updated pages. Ruby as a language provides the small footprint that is necessary for ease of creation and maintenance of applications for Web 2.0. Ruby’s power comes because of the Rails framework. Rails allows developers to quickly develop and deploy robust web based applications.

Pre-requisites :
a) Any Engineering graduate with 60% or more marks.
b) Good command over Spoken and Written English.
c) Some exposure to C language and knowledge of basic SQL

Period : 20 weeks

Fees : Rs. 20000 + Rs 2448 service tax (12.24%) = Rs 22448 payable in advance.


Introduction (1 week) (Common with technopreneurs)

  • Web2.0 – what is it. And its impact on marketing –
  • Blogs/ Wikis / Google / Flikr/ You Tube/ MySpace – the web 2.0 ecosystem
    • Anatomy of a blog
    • About trackback, permalink and RSS /Atom feeds
  • Monitoring the blogosphere.
    • Conversation = market
    • Market intelligence by searching blogosphere. (Technoratti, Daypop, Pubsub, BlockPulse, Feedster )
    • Tracking blogs on a regular basis ( Pluck, BlogLines, My Yahoo!)
  • Writing a good blog
  • Harnessing Blogs
    • Pitching other’s blogs.
    • Legitimate ways of generating buzz (Sampling among bloggers) and advertising (Google AdWords)
    • Earning money from your blog (Google AdSense )
  • Project –Participant’s blog
  • Review of blogs and lessons learnt

Ruby (4 Weeks)
  • Programming environment
  • Objects and variables
  • Classes and Modules
  • Self and scope
  • Control Flow
  • Literal constructors, Boolean states, recurrent syntactic sugar etc.
  • Scalar Objects
  • Collections, Containers and enumerability
  • Regular Expressions
  • Singleton classes , Callable objects, Callbacks and hooks.

Ruby on Rails (4 Weeks)
  • MVC architecture, Rails implementation of MVC.
  • Depot application development step 1
  • Depot application development step 2
  • Testing – Unit testing using RoR Framework
  • Functional testing and user acceptance testing using Watir and RubyFit
  • Rails conventions and configuration
  • Active record basics
  • Advanced Active record
  • Action Controller
  • Action View

Ajax ( 3 Weeks)
  • Introduction to Ajax
  • CSS, DOM and XMLHttpRequest object
  • MVC applied to Ajax widgets.
  • MVC in Ajax
  • Server Side Ajax
  • Managing the user experience
  • Ajax on rails part 1
  • Ajax on rails part 2

Live Project Work ( 8 weeks)
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