Launch your own e-Business 2.0

Objective : Technopreneurs are the next generation of entrepreneurs. They create e-business entities by conceiving business ideas, strategizing market penetration, defining and evolving business models, delivering value, striking partnerships, investing in future and generating revenue all by themselves.

  • No “brick and mortar” location required to do business.
  • Entrepreneur can “Bake” his own IP by using application development frameworks like Ruby on Rails and a relatively junior team comprising of participants in the “Web2.0 developer” program.
  • Those who are more tech savvy can participate in the “web 2.0 developer” program themselves.
  • Those who are more tech savvy can participate in the “web 2.0 developer” program themselves.
  • With the evolution of Web2.0 an entrepreneur can blog his way to success by using blogs, wikis, tagging and consumer generated marketing messages to drive traffic to his web based application.

Pre-requisites :
a) Any successful professional with good academics.
b) Good command over Spoken and Written English.
c) Must harbor an entrepreneurial ambition.Ideally suited for a domain expert who has excellent knowledge of his domain and wants to take advantage of Web2.0 technologies to launch his own business. Typically a participant has rich experience and a lot of time. He may invest some money – but would be primarily dependent on getting funded by a Venture Capitalist.

Period : 20 weeks

Fees : Rs. 20000 + Rs 2448 service tax (12.24%) = Rs 22448 payable in advance.


Introduction (1 week) (Common with web 2.0 developers)

  • Web2.0 – what is it. And its impact on marketing –
  • Blogs/ Wikis / Google / Flikr/ You Tube/ MySpace – the web 2.0 ecosystem
    • Anatomy of a blog
    • About trackback, permalink and RSS /Atom feeds
  • Monitoring the blogosphere.
    • Conversation = market
    • Market intelligence by searching blogosphere. (Technoratti, Daypop, Pubsub, BlockPulse, Feedster )
    • Tracking blogs on a regular basis ( Pluck, BlogLines, My Yahoo!)
  • Writing a good blog
  • Harnessing Blogs
    • Pitching other’s blogs.
    • Legitimate ways of generating buzz (Sampling among bloggers) and advertising (Google AdWords)
    • Earning money from your blog (Google AdSense )
  • Project –Participant’s blog
  • Review of blogs and lessons learnt

An opportunity for the niche players (2 weeks)
  • Concept of the long tail. Fall of the “Hit”
  • Democratizing production and distribution. Connecting supply and demand.
  • Role of the aggregators.
  • Collective intelligence, filters- pre filters and post filters.
  • 80/20 rule, does the longer tail increase demand? Economics of abundance.
  • Too much choice, Economics of variety, niche culture.
  • Case studies. E-bay, salesforce, Lego, Google.

Product lifecycle and market development (2 weeks)
  • High Tech marketing- illusion and enlightenment.
  • Targeting the attack by choosing and playing the niche.
  • Additional software, hardware, services training and hand holding to make the product offering complete.
  • Defining competitive positioning, elevator test.
  • Direct, retail, channel sales, partnerships and pricing.

E-business – the grand landscape (3 weeks)
  • Traditional e-business, strategy and business models.
  • Relationships, governance and infrastructure for e-business.
  • E-Markets
  • E-Procurement
  • E-Business networks
  • E-business integration
  • Loosely coupled e-Business solutions

E-business and security aspects (2 weeks)
  • Types of attacks, patch management, phishing.
  • Web security, wireless issues, e-mail fraud.
  • Privacy and network vulnerability
  • Software protection. Firewall, anti-virus.
  • Authentication, Digital signatures, biometrics etc.

Achieving the right valuation and selling your business – Exit Plan (2 weeks)
  • Buyer and seller strategies. Why should you sell? Why the buyer would buy?
  • Appointing professionals, attorney, accountant, broker etc.
  • Confidentiality agreement and selling prospectus.
  • Financials, liabilities and valuation.
  • Deal structure, negotiation, financing the deal, closing the deal. (Legal paperwork)

Live Project Work (8 weeks)

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