“We strongly believe that the next version of your software requires next version of skill sets. Thus we carry the version to version iterative development cycle into the recruitment and training processes as well.

Our mentorship program enables graduate engineers/ MCAs and / MCSs desirous of getting a job in the IT industry to break out of the vicious circle of "No job without experience and no experience without a job".

Recently we launched a training and team building program where junior developers work with senior entrepreneurs to develop state of the art web applications. The web 2.0 developers are trained to master cutting edge technologies like Ajax and Ruby on Rails. The technopreneurs learn their ropes of e-business and forge a business plan to realize the dream of their own e-business. The two groups work together to develop the products meant for the new world of web 2.0

For freshers wanting to quickly get a break in the IT industry we have specially developed a program on Ruby on Rails

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